Thirty years ago, Captain Neat-O lost his way home after entering a doomed trans-dimensional portal somewhere around Mars.

It's up to you to help him find his way back home, before his parents find out...


[Play in Browser/Desktop. No Downloads Needed.]

Easy Mode: Collect all Neat Coins in each level to open the exit portal. Go to the portal to get to the next level.

Hard Mode: Collect all pickups in each level and then finish the level. It turns out Captain Neat-O doesn't mind vegetables, but hates CHICKEN! Go figure! 30 years later, maybe he's vegan now.

If you don't feel like finishing the levels or get stuck, feel free to skip levels by pressing +. You can even skip to the end and see what happens. I don't mind :) 


For TOY BOX JAM 3. Thanks MAX and friends! I had fun.

The aim was to qualify for the HARD MODE, but the font assets were too tricky to import in Unity, and I wanted to stick to the fun. So fonts look like PICO-8, but I actually downloaded a 3rd party TTF file. OOPS! DISQUALIFIED 😁

Hope you all enjoy.


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags8-Bit, DOS, keen, neat, Retro

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